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Frogring Mini Humidifier USB
Frogring Mini Humidifier USB
RM 29.90






Donut Humidifier FAQ 


Q1: Can the unit go completely under water ? 


Answer:  No. Please avoid getting the top metal of the humidifer wet ( the part that sprays out mist ) as there is a chance water might get into the chipset. If water does gets in , please dry it immediately. 



Q2: My unit stops working / auto shut down after being on for 2 hours. Is it spoilt? 


Answer: There are 2 modes of operation. First mode is auto shut down in 3 hours, 2nd mode is auto shut down in 6 hours. To change the modes, please touch the device. 



Q3: Water has gotten into the top of the humidifier and my unit has stop working. What should I do? 


Answer: First, don't panic. Dry the tip of the humidifier by flipping over and empty the water, 



Q4: When I on the device, I hear a whizzing sound. it is so scarely , it is going to explode when I place it into the water ? 



Answer: No, the hizzing sound is because of the absence of water. The device is unable to spray any mist. Placing the device into the water will stop the sound.  

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